Launch Of The MBA Is Dead

Hello! Eric Brotto here. Over the last decade I have worked with hundreds of startups, either on my own or supporting others. I have also worked at 3 startup accelerators, both small and large. The smallest was Startup Reykjavik, the largest being Startupbootcamp, which now counts around 20 programs worldwide. The third accelerator I worked at was Rockstart, a mid-sized accelerator with programs in the Netherlands and now Colombia.

In that time I noticed a lack of information for helping new entrepreneurs get funded by startup accelerators. This is the catalyst behind The MBA Is Dead. Here are my first objectives:

  1. To notify you on funding opportunities via The MBA Is Dead newsletter and social media channels
  2. To empower your decisions on choosing a startup accelerator by sharing up-to-date and comprehensive data on the industry
  3. To post guides on how to grow your startup from zero customers to the post-accelerator phase

As you can tell from the objectives The MBA Is Dead is geared toward the first time entrepreneur. If you have already gone through a startup accelerator, or have users in the tens of thousands, The MBA Is Dead is not for you. On the other hand, if you are thinking of starting your own company, or you have already started your own company, but are struggling to get your first cash investment, or finding it difficult to get past that first investment, then The MBA Is Dead is for you.

Right now my focus is collecting information on startup accelerators. In particular, I’m searching for key dates of every startup accelerator in the world that offers cash investment. I’m also looking at how much they invest. That way, every time an application opens, I can notify you via email or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you can then apply.

I want to make sure that this information is useful and that you feel you are getting the support you need to be successful. To that end, I would invite you to email me or text me if you need help. My address is eric [at] thembaisdead [dot] com. Or you can text me on Whatsapp at +44 7775 865 663. Looking forward to hearing from you!