Fighting For Net Neutrality


The basic principle of Net Neutrality is that access to all websites and web services should be equal and that anyone can start their own website/service and make it accessible to anyone with internet access, just like any other website/service. This is important for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs.

Lots of big companies are trying make a profit by killing Net Neutrality. The reason for this was featured on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. It is also illustrated by the hypothetical scenario described below where someone makes a call to their ISP to complain about internet speeds and access (as explained by Reddit user Arkadysmoon):

Me (after 50 minutes of juggling automated messaging and wait times): Yeah, so apparently I can’t access Facebook, Netflix or NYTimes? All I can read is the freaking NBC page.

Rep: Yes, ma’am. We’re sorry to hear you are having difficulty and are happy to help you with this matter. Please wait while I access your account.

… Rep: Ma’am, it looks like you only have the basic Internet Services package.

Me: Yeah, same one as last year.

Rep: Ma’am, in 2018, we are pleased to tell you we have actually improved our packages to better fit our customer’s needs. Your Basic Services Package covers your local news station and Comcast-approved affiliated websites only. If you wish to access more websites, you will need to upgrade your package to the Social Media, Streaming, or News Packages. If you want all three categories, you will need to upgrade to a VIP package. If you want access to more than 5 categories you will need to upgrade to the All Access Package.

Me: Uh, what?? Why? What do those cost? I want the service I had last year, I didn’t agree to any changes!

Rep: I understand ma’am. Your current Basic Services Package is the same price as last year at $79.99/month, each additional package is $9.99/month for unlimited access to the approved category. VIP Packages are an additional $49.99/month and each All Access Package is an additional $129.99/month.

Me: Are you @$*#&$ kidding me? If I want the same service as last year, I have to pay $210/month?! Rep: Yes, ma’am. And its unlimited access, so it really pays for itself the more time you spend on it.

Me: Uh, no…Why is there a change? I refuse to pay more for the same service. Isn’t it illegal to filter access to websites?

Rep: Ma’am, I’m pleased to tell you that in December 2017, Ajit Pai and the FCC decided to revoke Net Neutrality rules, allowing us at Comcast to better serve you with these customized packages. If you didn’t want this, you should have called your local government representative @ or submitted complaints to the FCC @ Have a nice day!

This is a future situation I’m afraid could happen if Net Neutrality rules are revoked this December.

Get the picture?

Net Neutrality gets attacked every few months and the only way to stop it is through activism. Basically letting politicians know that you are not happy with this. Another Reddit user, Dandymcstebb, supplied the email addresses of the five people voting on the issue. By contacting them, you can make a difference:

These are the emails of the 5 people on the FCC roster. These are the five people deciding the future of the internet.

The two women have come out as No votes. We need only to convince ONE of the other members to flip to a No vote to save Net Neutrality.

Currently PRO Net Neutrality: (thank them!)
– Mignon Clyburn – (confirmed ‘No’ vote)
– Jessica Rosenworcel – (confirmed ‘No’ vote)

– Ajit Pai –
–  Michael O’Rielly –
– Brendan Carr –

Spread this comment around! We need to go straight to the source. Be civil, be concise, and make sure they understand that what they’re about to do is UNAMERICAN.


I couldn’t have expressed it better myself. Let’s keep the internet free!